The end of the Superhero age?

The Great Strange

Let’s just get one straight here- It’s really a good time to be a geek now. Now that we have acknowledged this, let’s move on.

Can someone please explain to me what the major Hollywood studios are doing now? The popularity of the superhero blockbusters began with the X-men in the new millennium, was further cemented by Sony’s 2003 Spiderman release, made even popular by Nolan and his take on the Batman mythos and the final nail on the coffin- 2008’s The Dark Knight and Iron man, DC and Marvel movie respectively. And thus was started a beautiful war between Marvel and DC where they tried to outdo each other every time, with Marvel having the upper hand for now. And geeks all over the world rejoiced. As if Steve jobs and Apple didn’t make them popular enough, now everyone wanted to be a geek. Jocks included. Heck, there were…

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