The Fantastic Four trailer has been released! And how did it fare exactly? Read on…

Okay so i’m sitting here in my chair, right? I’m thinking about what to write due to my deadline. Movies are my passion- why not write about them? Alright…now which is the one movie that has intrigued me the most this year?

Not Avenger’s: Age of Ultron. No…

Not Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Not Ant-man (Disappointing trailer, Marvel- wow!)

Fantastic Four. The Reboot. That’s right- this is the one that has intrigued me the most.

And for good reasons too- the thing is gonna be released in less than 6 moths and we hadn’t seen or heard even a single bit about it anywhere, it’s a reboot of a series whose previous iterations was HIGHLY disappointing, it’s risky because of such and the casting is controversial especially among fans (Looking at you, Michael B. Jordan…)

So i log on to the web and check the news to see if there was any updates about the movie.

And i freak the hell out.

There was a brand new trailer waiting to be seen. And it was…good. Good? Wait…what? Was anyone expecting that?

Did Fox actually make a trailer better than Ant-Man, a Marvel trailer?

Check it out for yourself-


Even i’m surprised, really to be honest. Sure we didn’t get to see much of Kate Mara or Jordan in their roles but did Miles Teller actually look convincing as Mister Fantastic to you guys? He sure did to me.
The best was The Thing. Sure, we knew that he wouldn’t be a latex suit like the one Michael Chiklis wore in the previous movies. No this is the mo-cap age. Just as a recap- this is how Chiklis looked like-


Not so threatening but, hey! At least he doesn’t look like his action figure-

(What in the devil’s name is this?!!)

But the studios had wised up- it’s the THING! The Thing! You can’t slap foam and latex on an actor and expect him to be menacing and threatening! Imagine Marvel doing the same to Mark Ruffalo, who plays the hulk. Yeeush!

Mo-cap was the only option for various obvious reasons. And a leaked image from quite a while back seemed to suggest it as well (which was later confirmed- Jamie Bell WOULD mo-cap the Thing) And for a while we, the audience’s feelings were assuaged a bit.

(Aforementioned leaked image)

But damnit it wasn’t enough! We didn’t even know if the image was the real deal- the lack of trailers or images didn’t help- Fox did absolutely NOTHING to promote their movie and the actor’s descriptions of the suits were terrifying!

“”It’s a new look. We are all in containment suits. … It’s gritty. It’s a gritty film.”- Michael B. Jordan.


What? Containment suits?

yellbiohazH(And this will be Miles Teller’s suit in the movie. Moving on…)

No no no no NO! This is wrong. On so many levels. Fox- what is he even saying? I’d rather watch your actors wear the same uninspired costumes from the previous movies than “Containment suits”. And THAT’S saying something!

fantastic-four-5In case you haven’t figured it out yet- costumes are very important to me. How a person is portrayed in term of appearance to me is of utmost importance- you need to get it right, especially if your work is being inspired or based on an already existing source. If someone is making a superhero movie- i want to see how the costume looks like. Costumes according to me are the essence of a movie. If you are making a super hero movie- get your costume right. Stay true to the source material. You don’t have much freedom in the costume department as you think you do- you can tweak a little but not too much. CW- this is NOT the Flash costume-


But this costume is so much better when compared to Firestorm. CW, what were you even thinking? It doesn’t matter if this “suit” is the Mark-1 of the Firestorm costumes- this just just plain ridiculous. Just compare the two images below-


But coming back- to a nitpicker like me, a costume is very important. If it strays from the source material or looks too much like rubbish- i just can’t stand it, Michael B. Jordan’s comments about their suits only made my stomach turn and i began to dread the movie and their take on the Fantastic Four costumes. The Thing is taken care of but what about the other three?

Moreover leaked set images didn’t help. And descriptions of the suits along with illustrations only made it worse. Take a look at these two-

In this first image we see Mr Fantastic aka Miles teller wearing a suit that has a…hexagon on it…is that where the logo goes? What are those lines on his arms and legs? Springy open-ended long suit it might supposed to be but this reminds me too much of the failed Tim Burton- Nick Cage “Superman Lives” costume-


We know that movie didn’t work for various good reasons- the most important one being the incredulous looking suits. And Miles Teller is wearing something very eerily similar. And what is that on Michael B. Jordan’s costume? Window shutters? No, it’s vents of course but it sure looks like window shutters. Wow, talk about taking realism to the next level. And in the picture, we see Jordan wearing a suit that is quite similar to the illustration- thankfully no ridiculous vents but they are still there. Are we supposed to accept this as the new Human Torch costume. Josh Trank, what are you doing?

Busy releasing an awesome trailer, that’s what he was doing. Wow!

I’m still in a bit of a shock to be honest. Finding out that the trailer had been released officially was something that i did not see coming. And the last super hero trailer that made me this excited was “Man of Steel which even the haters of the movie can agree was pretty brilliant and still still one of the best movie trailers we have received. (Kingsman: The Secret Service doesn’t count- but that was pretty incredible in it’s own right as well…) This trailer was pretty good. Not only that- this was better than Ant-man?! Who saw that coming?

(No way…)

Sure, the containment suits are still pretty horrendous to look at but it doesn’t seem like this is going to be THE fantastic four suits- just the origin suits for now. The ones that we love- maybe we’ll see them later in the movie, who knows?

And The Thing! Aaw man, the Thing looks brilliant. Granted we didn’t get to see his face but still- this version of the Thing look like something that could actually take on the Hulk just like in the comics. And that part where we see him emerging from a pile of rocks….woah! That is such a cool transformation shot. My god, who would have guessed that i would fan-boy so hard at a movie that refused to hit the headlines since it’s production began? I’m really short of words now- the Fantastic Four trailer…is just fantastic. No other word can describe it well enough. This is how a movie trailer should be like. And here i was thinking that Josh Trank would freak out on the amount of responsibility given to him like José Padilha who actually did while shooting “Robocop (2014)”

Brilliant work, Mr Trank. Your trailer promises an entertaining movie. And so i cast away aside all my doubts i had about your decisions, including the ones you made about the logo, the new suits, and your casting choices. I’m all pumped up and so now i’m gonna watch the movie with the hope that the movie will be as good as your trailer. I’m gonna blindly immerse myself in the story that you have to tell us and experience it.

And if i haven’t said it enough just yet- wow! What an exciting trailer. Marvel (and i can’t believe i’m even saying this)- take a hint. THIS is how Ant Man’s trailer should have been like!


Can’t wait for this movie now…fingers crossed…


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