Avengers: Age of Ultron- Thoughts (SPOILER FREE)

I am very happy right now.

And very tired as well.

But it was a perfect day for me- at least so far…but i know the rest of the day will be as good as the first half anyway so…

Anyway, today started off so great, i wanted to make it better. Here in India, Marvel’s latest movie “Age of Ultron” has already been released. It just released yesterday as a matter of fact. And so i decided to go watch it- make my day even better. I couldn’t have made a better decision…

I must confess something first though- i’m a Marvel fan like any other- yes. But i did not love Marvel. There is a difference.

Sure…i loved their characters and movies like every other second person you meet on the street. I admired their strength, the way they transformed themselves into this movie churning conglomerate within a brief time, their beliefs, their abilities and clarity about themselves and their work….but no. I did not love them, at least not with my heart. I just….respected them and that was it.

I enjoyed their movies. I liked “Guardians of the Galaxy” along with the rest….i like Tony Stark and RDJ like anyone else…the list goes on….and that’s how it had always been. At least until today.

“Age of Ultron” in simple words…is simply mind blowing. Sure, this is a term you’ve all heard before but in this case IT’S true. During the second half of the movie i actually held the sides of my face and went “Woahhh” and had to try really hard to not go ballistic and jump up from my seat, shake my fist at the screen and yell “Yeahhh…and THAT’S how it’s done!”

My only disappointment with the movie was the fact that THIS mid credits was not the one we got. Sure i knew it was fake…but it was still nice to hope….

I’ve read several reviews of GOTG and i clearly remember one particular review that said that “GOTG is an unknown Marvel product which they handpicked and turned into one of their crown jewels” It’s true, yeah…but if we were to imagine Marvel on the whole as this golden crown (to go with the Infinity Gauntlet” maybe?) and all their movies as these jewels adorning the crown then i can safely say for now that “Age of Ultron” is the crown jewel in the crown. At least for now, because after the end of the movie you are left with this feeling…you KNOW for sure that what you have seen so far now, though it was incredibly amazing and mind blowing…it really is nothing compared to what’s gonna come in the future. Spider-man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, the Infinity Wars…oh my god, i just cannot wait.

My dad had Star Wars during his child hood. The Marvel Phase movies is my Star Wars.

I really cannot say anything further without spoiling details about the movie. And i don’t want to either.

Because it’s my sincere wish that everyone who can afford to go see the movie in the theaters (Yes, this has to be watched in the theater, not your PC…you don’t really get that same ‘mind blown’ effect…) should go watch it and enjoy Marvel’s latest treat. This movie really is a piece of work….apparently Joss Whedon was afraid and paranoid that he had made a terrible movie. Mr Whedon, i have to tell you this- your first movie, “Marvel’s The Avengers” sucked balls. I hated it. Your sequel on the other hand- it’s a fine piece of work and one of Marvel’s best movies to date. You have nothing to worry about- this is an amazing movie.

Please…go watch the movie (I know you will anyway, what the hell am i saying? It’ s Marvel…i mean…it’s MARVEL!…) you won’t regret it, just like i didn’t.

I will say one last thing before i leave though- Paul Bettany’s character, the Vision- easily one of Marvel’s best cinematic characters to date. Keep an eye out for him, Joss was right (if it really is Joss who said this..) – he really is THE perfect man.

All right…i’ll go now before i spoil anything.

Happy viewing 🙂



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